Our Mission

Kenneth C. Chessick, MD, JD has protected patients and their legal rights as a lawyer since 1984, and as a board certified general surgeon since 1968.  As a Trial Attorney, our offices have recovered more than $100 million for patients with catastrophic injuries as a result of medical, hospital, product, and other negligence and has made the world a safer place.

The Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD, has successfully prosecuted lawsuit and appeals in state and federal courts, including the Supreme Court of Illinois.  In one landmark case before the Illinois Supreme Court, Dr. Chessick was instrumental in establishing that pharmacies now have a duty to warn patients when they are allergic to medications, which changed the contrary law in Illinois and influenced the law in many other states.  We are extremely proud to have made the world a safe, better place for everyone, including those who obtain prescription drugs.  Our clients have obtained record verdicts and settlements in the Illinois counties of Cook, DuPage, Lake, Ogle, Boone, DeKalb, and Winnebago as a result of our Passion, Pride, and Perseverance.

Dr. Kenneth C. Chessick is proud to be Of Counsel to the prestigious CLIFFORD LAW OFFICES.  Dr. Chessick is a nationally renown board certified general surgeon and legal expert, who has practiced surgery in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Florida.  Dr. Chessick has significant “hands-on” experience in cancer and vascular surgery, gastroenterology, and emergency medicine, having practiced surgery for over forty years.  This broad experience in Medicine, Surgery, and The Law enables Dr. Chessick to apply this knowledge base to every legal client’s case.

The Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD is dedicated to exposing and treating the epidemic of medical negligence in America today.  According to the Institute of Medicine, MORE THAN 98,000 PATIENTS DIE IN HOSPITALS ANNUALLY AS A RESULT OF MEDICAL ERRORS.  More die and are injured in unsupervised medical offices.  This negligent conduct causes enormous damage to the patient and his family every single year.  Medical negligence is the result of carelessness and the failure to act reasonably, and therefore MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE IS ALWAYS PREVENTABLE.

CARELESS DOCTORS, HOSPITALS, AND INSURANCE COMPANIES MUST BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Our clients have suffered severe, often catastrophic injuries as a result of this negligence. We zealously represent these innocent victims of negligence by protecting patients and their legal rights. By holding negligent doctors, hospitals, and insurers accountable and forcing them to pay for their careless conduct, future injuries and deaths are prevented.

Nobody wins these law suits, because money damages are never enough. Our clients have already been severely injured before seeing us. Forcing the negligent health care providers to pay money to the client makes their lives more tolerable and easier, but truthfully, this is not winning.

The best that the money paid by the negligent doctors and insurance companies can achieve is to attempt to restore our clients closer to the way they were before the doctor’s negligence. Money talks, and forcing the negligent hospitals, doctors, and insurers to pay the victims for the injuries they cause does motivate them to change their careless practices, reform their sloppy systems, and monitor untrained doctors. Our necessary lawsuits against negligent and careless doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies help create a safer and better world for everybody.

Our lawsuits:

Force the negligent health care provider and its insurance company to pay to the victims the costs of the injuries they have caused by their negligence; The innocent victim cannot bear these costs alone;
Force the negligent health care provide and its insurance company to restore the innocent victims to a place prior to the negligence, form of justice;
Force the negligent health care provider and its insurance company to modify future conduct and act more carefully, so that other people are not injured and future injuries prevented;
Force the negligent health care provider to acknowledge careless conduct and systems, making doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and others act responsibly, which provides the victims an element of emotional closure.

As officers of the court, the Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD zealously strengthens our American way of life by upholding the rule of law and forcing negligent health care providers to be responsible for the harm they cause. Being the messengers of the unpopular message to achieve justice for our injured clients requires our passion and dedication to this cause.  We are dedicated to protecting patients and their legal rights.

If you think you have been the victim of medical malpractice, we will review your case at no cost, regardless of where you live.  We only charge a fee if we recover for you.  Contact the Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, MD at (847) 843-8044 or KCC@CliffordLaw.com.